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WAN Optimization

Many of Global Capacity’s customers have found that one access technology and one service provider can no longer meet their needs, since no one service provider is everywhere and no one technology is the right solution for all applications and locations. Global Capacity’s unique combination of interconnected access networks and software defined service orchestration provides the ubiquitous reach, flexible network options and reliable connectivity solutions to modernize WAN connectivity.

Today’s businesses require a far-reaching, reliable network design that delivers the performance they need to effectively consume business applications, cloud and content residing in disparate data centers and cloud platforms at all offices locations.

Whatever the industry, businesses need high-capacity, access lines to securely transport information or converge bandwidth-intensive traffic.  Access connectivity enables Businesses to quickly and securely transport time-sensitive information among locations or converge multiple types of high-bandwidth traffic on a single connection without interruptions.


The Right Connectivity for Your Business Locations

WAN Optimization provides:
  • Enhanced end-user experience and overall business productivity by dramatically increasing effective bandwidth, reducing latency, and improving application performance
  • Simplified central management and monitoring while providing enhanced usability with intuitive workflow-based management tools and real-time connection monitoring
  • Integrated transparently with any physical or virtual network infrastructure, providing significant investment protection for existing network designs with a clear migration path
  • Reduced cost with centralization of servers and IT services, decreased bandwidth and improved employee efficiency
  • Evolution to the Cloud by removing performance barriers that pose a challenge to data center virtualization
Service Options

From MPLS to Ethernet to secure Internet connectivity, Global Capacity’s WAN  solution leverages our award-winning One Marketplace™ to identify the optimal design for your network in order to optimize cost, performance and connectivity.  Our solution combines the industry’s most powerful network design application, One Marketplace, with enterprise-grade connectivity utilizing a dedicated, reliable core network based on distributed Points of Presence (PoPs) and industry-leading interconnected access networks with centralized end-to-end WAN visibility.


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With WAN Optimization from Global Capacity, you can quickly design WANs with point-and-click ease, all from one view with more intelligence and less risk.

  • Visibility into network availability, pricing and the technology connecting business locations
  • Real-time, automated pricing of network connectivity
  • “What-if” modeling to reduce time spent on designing, pricing and ordering complex, multi-location bids
  • Easy ordering enables you to buy your design with a click of a mouse from a single provider
  • One MSA, SLA and bill to simplify network procurement and free up your IT teams

Hybrid WAN

Hybrid networks will be the new normal for next generation Enterprise WANs.  Global Capacity’s Hybrid WAN provides an alternative to the congested Internet, and capacity bottlenecks of oversubscribed MPLS that strain a network, reducing performance.   No other network is better built to deliver a hybrid network WAN than Global Capacity’s network of networks with near ubiquitous access coverage and true network technology, route, and carrier diversity.  Global Capacity’s dedicated hybrid WAN solutions provide businesses of any size with the right connectivity for:

  • Superior user application experience
  • Flexible access options- Broadband, MPLS, Ethernet & LTE
  • Reduced connectivity costs
  • Faster service delivery
  • Secure, reliable network performance
  • Single consolidated bill



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