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The digital age has expanded retail operations across multiple points of sale for consumer engagement, from the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront to the dynamic, 24x7x365 e-commerce site and call center. Retailers are faced with a growing number of challenges when it comes to the technology powering their daily operations, from keeping Point of Sale (POS) systems online, to managing inventory, communicating between multiple sites and providing Wi-Fi connectivity in their physical locations - all while maintaining the best customer experience. 

Global Capacity offers reliable, secure and scalable network solutions to power retailers’ back-office and sales floor operations. Our Retail network solution provides security for credit card transactions and support for data communications for key retail applications—including POS, back office systems, training, digital video surveillance and even customer Wi-Fi access. Whether you are a large, multi-location enterprise with large bandwidth needs or a single location retail shop requiring simple Internet connectivity, our nationwide network solutions have the capacity and reach to meet your business needs, all from a single service provider.


Features include:

  • Access to over 40 million commercial sites across 50 markets 
  • Scalable network solutions to provide cost-competitive connectivity to a single or multi-location businesses
  • Reliable connectivity to business-critical applications including POS, inventory, e-commerce sites and back-office systems
  • Redundant, diverse connectivity for faster and more secure transactions
  • Proactive and predictive network monitoring and management by expert technical engineers

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Retail Connectivity provides:

Multiple Location Collaboration
Because the Retail vertical is so global in nature—with product manufacturing, storage, shipping and sales operations often headquartered in disparate locations—securing reliable access is critical to facilitating communication among employees across all locations. A Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that is flexible enough to connect data centers, virtual applications, warehouses, content networks, and Internet peering with businesses that range from downtown metro multi-tenant buildings to suburban mall locations is critical to retail revenue generation.

Strong connectivity is critical to ensuring that business-critical applications run smoothly. A solution that includes proactive and predictive network monitoring by expert technical engineers allows IT personnel to focus on growing their core business, not network headaches.

Reliable and secure access is critical to retail transactions.  Processing countless transactions each and every day, retailers simply cannot afford instability.  Retail customers can now secure connectivity without complexity, gaining access to the best-fit, most cost-competitive and near-ubiquitous access network solutions leveraging Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™.


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