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Carrier Off-Net Access

Service providers often come across business opportunities that require them to provide connect off-net, or outside of their coverage area. They are faced with the option of partnering with multiple competitors to cover a broad geography or finding a major carrier with network large enough to support this type of demand.

Global Capacity operates under a simple understanding - in telecommunications, no one operator owns networks everywhere. By interconnecting hundreds of access networks in the market, we are able to extend the reach of carriers and service providers across a wide collection of the best local access network services. 

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™ is a transparent and efficient way for network operators to buy and sell global access solutions more cost-effectively. The platform offers automated pricing, ordering and provisioning of access networks and is easily accessible via an online interface or API.

Through a simple interconnection into the One Marketplace network customers can extend their reach and secure local access to enable business solutions more efficiently and cost-effectively through a single, trusted partner.


Benefits of Carrier Off-Net Access

  • Over 40 million commercial addresses searchable worldwide
  • Enhanced QoS for service providers’ customers
  • Differentiated off-net services enable providers to maximize revenues and reduce OpEx
  • SLA-assured Ethernet service or full line rate TDM services
  • Full control over your customers
  • Flexible, reliable local access for Internet, SD-WAN, Cloud VPNs

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Service Features

  • Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) interconnections that expand the reach of global service providers’ network capabilities
  • NNI interconnections that allow for spare capacity to be identified, aggregated and actively marketed
  • Full suite of TDM interconnects, from DS3 to OC-192 with off-net access links from DS1 to OC-48
  • 1GE or 10GE ENNIs combined with access services from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps E-line, E-Access EPL, and EVPL service from the hub

Local Access

Global Capacity’s comprehensive suite of diverse access services offers cost-effective, fully managed and high-speed solutions for point-to-point, and point to multipoint dedicated data connectivity. Global Capacity offers the broadest portfolio of access technologies for dual access, redundant services packages including Asymmetric Ethernet, Broadband, Cable Broadband, Ethernet over Copper and T1 technologies.


Internet Access
Utilizing ubiquitous local coverage to over 9.6 million commercial locations Internet Access provides a local loop to your end users over the Global Capacity high speed Ethernet backbone network.

  • Simple pricing
  • End-to-end solution
  • Flexible access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Performance

SD-WAN Access
Global Capacity’s SD-WAN solutions uses centrally managed edge devices placed in branch offices to establish logical connections with other branch edge devices across the physical WAN. These logical connections create secure paths across Hybrid WAN with multiple local access technologies and service providers.  SD-WAN resolves WAN problems businesses face when building and managing hybrid WANs by:

  • Reducing high cost of WAN connectivity
  • Sharing load across a mix of access connections
  • Replacing complex, static and manual configurations
  • Providing visibility and control of connections

Cloud Access
Global Capacity’s Cloud access provides a unique combination of access services, automation tools and service information to streamline and simplify the process of real-time designing, pricing, procuring and delivering connectivity solution to carry cloud data.  Whether direct connectivity to the cloud is private or public; on your network or ours the benefits of turning to One Marketplace for Cloud Access include:

  • Visibility into the availability, technology and real-time pricing of access
  • Normalized last mile delivery with local Points-of-Presence for best proximity, speed and scale
  • Aggregation of network and services for streamlined turn-up and reduced management complexity
  • Simple to use marketplace portal and robust API in support of cloud ecosystem to design, price and order in real-time

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