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Global Enterprise

The ability to grow their business and operate seamlessly anywhere in the world is vital for Global Enterprises. As enterprises expand geographically, they rely on connectivity to not only communicate internally across larger and more distributed workforces, but also securely and efficiently transfer key data and customer information outside of major metropolitan cities into rural locations, international business centers, third-party data centers, and even the Cloud.

Global Capacity delivers a marketplace of networks that allows enterprises to compete globally. Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™ arms enterprises with visibility into network availability, technology and pricing so that they can make intelligence-driven business decisions that allow them to purchase the right connectivity for the right applications at the right locations and the right price. One Marketplace aggregates leading network connectivity solutions in one location for streamlined turn-up and reduced management complexity. Enterprises benefit from aconsolidated bill with a single MSA and supporting SLAs, eliminating the complexities of ordering and provisioning from multiple network service providers.


Enable Your Enterprise With One Marketplace

  • Connect to data and applications that are housed off-site or in the Cloud, including SaaS, IaaS, financial software and business applications
  • Access multiple secure, reliable service options that enable the right connectivity for each location and application
  • Cost-effectively connect remote offices to headquarters and multiple business locations across the globe
  • Extend reach without the need to pay premiums or manage multiple service provider relationships
  • Single MSA with uniform terms, conditions and SLAs
  • Fast and secure transfer of information across borders through private, dedicated bandwidth
  • 24x7x365 global Network Operations Center (NOC) support


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