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Cloud Connectivity

With the Cloud only being as good as an employee's ability to effectively access it, the overall user experience depends highly on enterprise network connectivity. Today, the Internet is the predominant method to connect to cloud applications services. The challenge is that larger Enterprises are hesitant to move mission-critical applications to the cloud when delivered via the Internet due to concerns with security, network performance, data governance and regulatory compliance. As a result, many organizations choose private dedicated connectivity for improved performance. A private connection to the Cloud over Global Capacity's One Marketplace network offers the predictable latency, increased security, performance and scalability that is essential for businesses to successfully create anything from simple websites to complex business applications.


Simplified Cloud Connectivity and Consumption

One Marketplace offers simplified business connectivity to the Cloud with end-to-end execution. It provides a unique combination of aggregation, automation tools and information to streamline and simplify the process of real-time designing, pricing, procuring and delivering data connectivity solutions. One Marketplace has located points of presence at key aggregation points, such as Equinix, to deliver the flexibility to connect to hundreds of Cloud and IT service providers while improving time to market and total cost of ownership. Global Capacity enables today’s businesses to make strategic, intelligence-driven business decisions that allow them to purchase the right connectivity for the right application at the right location and the right price.

The benefits of turning to One Marketplace for Cloud connectivity include:
  • Visibility into the availability, technology and real-time pricing of network solutions
  • Connectivity to 9.6 million commercial addresses
  • Normalized last mile delivery with local Points-of-Presence for best proximity and scale
  • Aggregation of network and services for streamlined turn-up and reduced management complexity, enabling business to efficiently and securely use their Cloud resources as if they were simply another node on their private WAN
  • Simple to use marketplace portal and robust API in support of cloud ecosystem to design, price and order in real-time
  • Proactive and predictive network monitoring and management by expert technical engineer

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Approved Service Provider

Global Capacity is an approved provider for Equinix Cloud Exchange, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Leveraging Global Capacity’s One Marketplace and its Connect Marketplace application, businesses can simply design, price and order dedicated, private and high-performance connectivity between their chosen cloud platform and their data center, office location or colocation environment.


Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect

Global Capacity’s Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect service leverages an interconnection architecture with software orchestration to simplify multi-Cloud connectivity and improve service performance. This approach delivers a better user experience by allowing businesses to connect to Cloud locations or select from a list of interconnected One Marketplace Cloud destinations including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and 20 other Cloud providers on Equinix Cloud Exchange.  Combining the reliability and flexibility of multi-destination Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) and Global Capacity’s One Marketplace, Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect streamlines commercial buying across the Cloud services ecosystem.


The Evolution of Cloud Connectivity

Image of Cloud Connectivity showing Internet to Private Line to Hybrid Network_Global Capacity

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