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Branch Office Connectivity

As companies expand their reach across the globe through the addition of new branch offices, efficient setup of a reliable network infrastructure to connect these locations and ensure workplace productivity becomes vital. Whether you need more bandwidth, affordable backup Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity in a location, or the deployment of a higher availability, dedicated connection to remote sites, Global Capacity’s Branch Office Connectivity solutions provide quick and secure access. Utilizing dedicated access connections to the One Marketplace core, Global Capacity customers can replace or complement their existing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Frame Relay or IP infrastructure with the right connectivity solutions from Global Capacity.

Our Branch Office Connectivity solutions are available as either dedicated Time-division Multiplexing (TDM) or Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) that enable the connection of multiple business sites in a single, bridged domain over Global Capacity’s managed network.


Service Options:


Global Capacity’s IP-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) enables end-users to cost-effectively configure IPSec tunnels over a public or private Internet connection to build a secure network and gain ubiquitous coverage. IP VPNs only support point-to-point and hub-and-spoke topologies.


MPLS can be used over both public and private connections to support any-to-any connectivity with Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Ethernet VPLS

Ethernet VPLS can be used over a carrier Ethernet network to seamlessly and cost-effectively provide any-to-any connectivity with CoS and QoS. VPLS provides a high-performance WAN connection that is configured like a Local Area Network (LAN) or Campus Area Network (CAN).


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Benefits include:

  • Transparent, protocol-independent, and multi-point solutions for remote locations
  • Complete control over customers’ own, inter-branch switching and routing capabilities, offering easier configuration and debugging
  • Eliminated L2 protocol conversion between LAN and WAN
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) offered by Ethernet LAN/WAN interfaces
  • No training required on WAN technologies such as Frame Relay and ATM
  • Mitigated IP issues, namely trust, security and outsourcing
  • Independent, on-demand bandwidth provisioning for each subscriber per VPLS service offered
  • Seamless addition of new sites without the need to reconfigure at existing sites thanks to VPLS auto-discovery and service provisioning
  • Quick and secure access provided over Global Capacity’s managed network
  • Replacement or complement to your existing infrastructure 
  • Ability to build a secure network and gain ubiquitous coverage
  • Support for any-to-any and point-to-point topologies
  • Dedicated access connections, including MPLS, Ethernet VPLS and IP VPN


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