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Application Delivery

Performance is critical when it comes to business applications. Slow application performance can be a major source of frustration for businesses, often resulting in decreased productivity, which directly affects the bottom line. The traditional approach to improving application performance required adding bandwidth and equipment, which can be expensive, time-consuming and complex. Global Capacity’s One Marketplace offers a simpler, faster and more cost-effective solution for improving application performance across your network.

Business applications can be stand-alone or designed to interface or integrate with other enterprise applications, and can be deployed across a variety of networks including Internet, Ethernet, Wide Area Networks (WANs) and in the Cloud. Your location, where the users of your applications sit, as well as how they interact with their ecosystem of vendors and customers will dictate the type of connectivity you require. One Marketplace provides visibility into the physical, logical routes that interact with these applications, enabling businesses to purchase the right connectivity for the right application at the right location and the right price. This enables customers to save costs and ensures optimal network and application performance as well as the best end-user experience.


Benefits of Connecting to One Marketplace

Accelerate Delivery

Keep users happy and loyal by serving your application(s) up to 10x faster; the right connectivity also enables improved application(s) scalability

Reduce Cost

Decrease bandwidth costs while improving application performance and the overall experience for the consumer

Worry Less

Rest assured knowing your applications are efficiently delivered for your business across a private network without any oversubscription by Global Capacity

Save Time

Connect to your application(s) with One Marketplace and avoid the network management headaches of identifying how to optimally connect to each office in each city


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One Marketplace Enables You To

  • Connect to data and applications that are housed off-premise or in the Cloud
  • Choose the right network connectivity for your application(s)
  • Gain visibility into service pricing options  (e.g. price vs. speed vs. performance)
  • Optimize network utilization for throughput and price performance
  • Choose between private, secure high bandwidth connectivity or simple Internet access
  • Leverage online tools to price options in minutes


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