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Connectivity Solutions

The value of Global Capacity’s solutions lies not only in the realization of its Connectivity Made Simple mantra, but also in delivering the right connectivity for the right application at the right location for your business.

Business Services

Today’s Businesses rely on connectivity to not only communicate internally, but also safely and efficiently transfer key financial data, customer information, sales orders and critical supply line information. 

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Application Service Provider

Application Service Providers turn to Global Capacity’s private, secure and highly available solutions for network delivery. Leveraging the award-winning One Marketplace, Global Capacity offers ASPs the reliable network solutions they need to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.


No one provider has a ubiquitous footprint, and customer requirements force providers to extend  beyond their network. Global Capacity’s unique marketplace model addresses the fractured nature of  network connectivity. Our near ubiquitous network can be used to extend market presence serving  previously unreachable markets.

Transport and Interconnection Solutions

Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) interconnections expand the reach of local and global service providers' network capabilities. Interconnected solutions maximized revenues and reduced operating expenses (OpEx) for service providers enabled by the ability to offer differentiated off-net services.


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