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Wide Area Networking

Whatever the industry, businesses need high-capacity,  Wide Area Networking (WAN) access to securely transport information or converge bandwidth-intensive traffic.  WAN connectivity enables Businesses to quickly and securely transport time-sensitive information among locations or converge multiple types of high-bandwidth traffic on a single connection without interruptions. WAN solutions from Global Capacity provide a private and secure way to connect all of your business locations, delivering the right connectivity for the right applications at the right locations. Reliable connectivity across your corporate headquarters, remote office locations and third-party data centers is simple with Global Capacity.

Global Capacity’s core Cisco backbone seamlessly links sites across regions, countries, or even the globe, integrating your business locations or extranet at speeds of up to 10 Gbps leveraging flexible access technology and diverstiy.. Because Global Capacity’s converged core is optimized for data, our WAN network connectivity can provide your business with up to a 30% (or more) savings when compared to traditional, telco-delivered services.


Benefits of One Marketplace WAN Solution

Unlike other providers, Global Capacity also enables you to purchase only the bandwidth you need for your WANs - scalable in 1 MB increments up to a full 10 Gbps. There is no wasted capacity and no unnecessary expense with Global Capacity’s WANs.

Other benefits include:

  • Installation of WANs in weeks instead of months
  • Dramatically reduced costs; up to 30% less than traditional Telco-delivered service
  • Ability to purchase only the bandwidth you need - scalable in 1 Mbps increments
  • WAN network connections to your existing equipment, or seamless integration of new equipment Seamless and reliable network that eliminates unnecessary conversions
  • End-to-end SLAs for each business location
  • 24x7 technical support
  • 99.999% core availability guaranteed

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Hybrid WAN

Hybrid networks will be the new normal for next generation Enterprise WANs.  Global Capacity’s Hybrid WAN provides an alternative to the congested Internet, and capacity bottlenecks of oversubscribed MPLS that strain a network, reducing performance.   No other network is better built to deliver a hybrid network WAN than Global Capacity’s network of networks with near ubiquitous access coverage and true network technology, route, and carrier diversity.  Global Capacity’s dedicated hybrid WAN solutions provide businesses of any size with the right connectivity for:

  • Superior user application experience
  • Flexible access options- Broadband, MPLS, Ethernet & LTE
  • Reduced connectivity costs
  • Faster service delivery
  • Secure, reliable network performance
  • •             Single consolidated bill

Managed SD-WAN

Global Capacity Managed SD-WAN is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance.  Using software-defined networking (SDN), Global Capacity dynamically routes traffic over a Hybrid combination of private and public access types to reach multiple key destinations.

Choosing a SD-WAN resolves some of the most pressing WAN problems businesses face when building and managing complex WAN architectures such as:

  • High cost of WAN connectivity,
  • Difficulty in load sharing traffic across a mix of access connections
  • Complex, static and manual network configurations that are not easy to map to business-centric requirements
  • Lack of visibility and control of connections

Global Capacity’s Managed SD-WAN solutions uses centrally managed edge devices placed in branch offices to establish logical connections with other branch edge and datacenter cloud devices across the physical WAN.  Global Capacity’s managed SD-WAN service determines the most effective way to dynamically route traffic to multiple business locations. Unique policies automatically prioritize traffic, making better use of bandwidth to enhance performance and overall user experience, with flexible


Service Options:

IP VPN - Global Capacity’s IP-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) enables end-users to cost-effectively configure IPSec tunnels over a public or private Internet connection to build a secure network and gain ubiquitous coverage. IP VPNs only support point-to-point and hub-and-spoke topologies.

MPLS - MPLS can be used over both public and private connections to support any-to-any connectivity with Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Ethernet VPLS - Ethernet VPLS can be used over a carrier Ethernet network to seamlessly and cost-effectively provide any-to-any connectivity with CoS and QoS. VPLS provides a high-performance WAN connection that is configured like a Local Area Network (LAN) or Campus Area Network (CAN).


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