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Ethernet Access

Global Capacity is a nationwide leader in Carrier Ethernet, connecting service providers and customers with a full suite of E-access services to solve the common industry challenges of scalability, cost, reliability, speed and reach. Because no single network provider offers ubiquitous geographic coverage, Global Capacity provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that extends carrier-grade networks to off-net customer locations, enabling cost-effective scaling and support of voice, video and convergence.

One Marketplace E-Access services are delivered over a broad range of access technologies including TDM (EoTDM), copper (EoCopper), fiber (EoFiber), or coaxial cable (EoCable), and are available over a broad range of bandwidths ranging from1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Global Capacity’s E-access solutions offer higher network traffic throughput at a lower per Megabyte cost, enabling carriers and service providers to seamlessly extend their geographic footprint beyond the limits of their physical infrastructure to reach new off-net customers and business locations. With MEF-compliant first and last-mile solutions, Global Capacity’s E-Access Service offers “plug-and-play” simplicity, scalability and flexibility, delivering to our customers a highly competitive edge for their business offerings.


Benefits of One Marketplace Ethernet

  • Single point of access into Global Capacity’s national Ethernet footprint
  • Ability to source multi-vendor Ethernet access services from 142 networks through a single ENNI
  • Access to more than 14 million businesses and 4,200 central offices (COs) with extended reach to 25,000 COs across 50 states
  • Resilient and scalable network architecture
  • Proactive, 24/7 monitoring and network management
  • Direct, ubiquitous connections to the national Ethernet core
  • Competitive pricing for substantial cost savings
  • Broad range of bandwidth options to address connectivity needs data, voice and video
  • Flexibility to scale services in order to meet changing business needs without major changes to existing IT infrastructures
  • Reduced time to market and improved operational efficiency
  • Seamless extension of network coverage via a single platform
  • Rapid Ethernet installation turn-around time
  • Multiple Class of Service (CoS) options for creating application-focused services
  • Ethernet port-to-port connectivity
  • Single contract SLA, bill and point of contact

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