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Strategic Partners

Amazon Web Services

AWS customers can take advantage of Global Capacity's One Marketplace™, an award-winning platform that provides customers with the flexibility, speed and service options to extend network service reach across the globe, to procure private, secure Ethernet connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and AWS customer data centers, offices, or colocation facilities. Customers can also obtain assistance in the design and implementation of unique and dynamic network environments.


Global Capacity's innovative One Marketplace™ and Equinix's robust interconnection platform complement each other, enabling service providers and enterprise customers with the opportunity to design, price and execute on the optimal network required, as well as simplify and automate these processes. Together, these capabilities are a significant asset to Global Capacity and Equinix's mutual customers.

Equinix and Global Capacity also collaborate to provide enterprise customers with reliable, direct access to the many cloud service providers available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ via Global Capacity’s One Marketplace.

Google Cloud Platform

Global Capacity, an approved Google Cloud Interconnect service provider, offers enterprises direct connection to Google Cloud Platform via its One Marketplace™. Under the Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) program, enterprises take advantage of One Marketplace and its Connect Marketplace application to design, price and order data connectivity between business locations and Google Cloud Platform locations. Cloud connectivity from One Marketplace provides flexible bandwidth options for business traffic from over 9.6 million commercial addresses in the U.S. to Google Cloud Platform.


Global Capacity’s partnership with INDATEL enables INDATEL to buy Ethernet services through One Marketplace™ interconnects in Chicago, Minneapolis and Dallas. The partnership also provides Global Capacity’s One Marketplace members access to INDATEL’s 500+ Rural Local Exchange Carriers and 80,000 fiber optic route miles of middle-mile network serving over 5,000 communities nationally.

National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc.

The Global Capacity and National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. (NCTC) partnership allows NCTC members and affiliates to expand network service coverage throughout North America. Leveraging One Marketplace™, Global Capacity enables the efficient, cost-effective pricing and procurement of network connectivity for NCTC and cooperative of over 950 members.

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