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Global Capacity has entered into a unique partnership to deliver One Marketplace into Platform Equinix enabling customers to transact for optimal network connectivity. Equinix operates as a critical connection point for the market where applications and networks converge. One Marketplace is Global Capacity’s interconnected network platform that enables connectivity through a cloud based automated platform with real time design, pricing and ordering capabilities to streamline how companies consume network resources. This solution gives customers access to One Marketplace’s unique application intelligence with the ability to source network connectivity over a physical interconnect, coupled with the automation of pricing and delivery.

"Since our founding in 1998, Equinix has optimized network infrastructure. Our dense interconnection platform includes nearly 100 data centers and 4,000 customers around the world. The relationship with Global Capacity will enable us to support our customers’ strategies for cloud and network connectivity," said Jim Poole, General Manager, Global Networks & Mobility for Equinix. Specifically, the partnership will enable customers to architect network solutions with network performance hubs; at key data center and network aggregation locations; with access to the hundreds of physical networks within the Equinix data centers, combined with Global Capacity’s interconnect services and the ability to automate the design, price and execution for the optimal network connectivity.


Both network service providers and enterprise customers will benefit from this partnership.

For enterprise customers, the transparency of network connectivity options and real-time service ordering enables more calculated and dynamic data-based decision making. As enterprise IT recognizes the strategic value the network plays in delivering applications to their users, Global Capacity’s capabilities afford Equinix customers with more meaningful analytics to evolve their network architecture. On the service provider side, the introduction of a transactional component to the buying and selling of network services through a simplified procurement application ignites competitive rate structures, and a market- view of network options opens up new opportunities for Tier II and Tier III providers to both sell their network as well as buy their network more effectively, leveraging Global Capacity’s One Marketplace.

Benefits to Enterprises with a distributed Wide Area Network (WAN):
  • Control of their WAN with full transparency of diversity and performance SLAs
  • Better cost for network by optimally incorporating the best access network per site
  • Access to application and content ecosystems
  • Simplifying procurement through a single provider to own execution, MSA and billing
Benefits to Service Providers:
  • Wider network ecosystem - sell to the market with a single MSA with uniform terms, conditions and SLAs
  • Connect customers into the Cloud ecosystem
  • Automate transactions to speed time-to-market
  • Reach more locations to support clients requirements, regardless of geography

Global Capacity’s innovative One Marketplace and Equinix’s robust interconnection platforms complement each other, enabling service providers and enterprises customers the opportunity to design, price and execute on the optimal network required. Contact Global Capacity today and learn how you can increase profitability and streamline operational processes with One Marketplace and Platform Equinix.


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