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Direct Connect to Amazon Web Services

Consistent, secure and reliable network access is an essential component of any cloud computing solution. Global Capacity enables AWS customers to bypass the public Internet and procure private, secure private line and Ethernet connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and their datacenters, offices, or colocation facilities through One Marketplace. Global Capacity’s One Marketplace delivers companies access network quotes in a matter of seconds, at the same time it provides transparency into pricing and visibility into available capacity across multiple vendors and geographies.



Reduce Network Costs, Increase Throughput and Deliver More Consistent Network Performance from Amazon Web Services With a Private Network Connection From Global Capacity’s One Marketplace

Global Capacity has built private connectivity to industry-leading Cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services. Global Capacity is an approved Amazon Direct Connect Solution Provider – one of only a handful in the world - providing a dedicated, private and high-performance connection between Amazon Web Services and your data center, office or co-location environment. 

Benefits of direct connections to AWS via One Marketplace:
  • Reduced network costs
  • Increased throughput
  • Consistent network performance
  • Extensive network reach
  • Real-time network pricing and ordering
  • End-to-end delivery of private Ethernet connectivity and IP services

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