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Market Intelligence

At Global Capacity, we realize that market intelligence is not just a utility, it’s a business tool. With One Marketplace™ market intelligence, we’ve combined a competitive understanding of connectivity pricing, availability and services with a deep market understanding of service demand, volume and location to create not just reports, but actionable market intelligence for our customers. Up-to-the-minute market information is collected from a variety of sources and pooled to create a broad, transparent picture of the connectivity landscape that enables our marketplace users, whether buying or selling, to make more informed business decisions. 


Market Transparency

The fragmented nature of the global data connectivity market makes real-time competitive and market data extremely challenging to compile and analyze. One Marketplace provides transparency into access pricing and visibility of capacity across multiple technologies and geographies. Making sound business choices is about being able to access the most accurate, crucial information in the blink of an eye. Leverage an automated application complete with real-time with market intelligence for designing, pricing and delivering your network connectivity services.



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  • Leading Lights Finalist for its SD-WAN deployment strategy and its One Marketplace Hybrid WAN
  • MEF recognizes Global Capacity for its One Marketplace Ethernet Cloud Connect Services
  • Fierce Telecom 2016
  • 2016 Pipeline Innovation Awards Semi-Finalist Pipeline Recognizes the Innovation of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace
  • 2016 Leading Lights Most Innovative SMB Service Award Finalist
  • Global Capacity Named Finalist for Best Network Technology Innovation
  • 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • Pipeline 2015 Most Innovative Operator – Wholesale
  • 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • Pipeline Innovation Award Finalist 2014
  • Attained a position in the mid-2014 Vertical Systems Group Carrier Ethernet Services Leaderboard Challenge Tier
  • Global Telecom Business 2014 Innovation Award Winner
  • 2014 Light Reading Company of the Year Finalist (Private)
  • 2014 Best Service Innovation
  • 2013 Most Innovative Ethernet Service Finalist
  • 2013 Pipeline Most Innovative Service Provider Finalist
  • MEF Best Wholesale Ethernet Service 2012
  • 2012 Best Technology Partner by Capacity Magazine
  • 2012 Leading Lights Finalist Best New Service or Application (Telecom)