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One Marketplace Platform

Global Capacity eliminates the complexity and inefficiency of the network market with its innovative, award winning, One Marketplace™ platform that combines an interconnected, aggregated data network with a cloud based application that automates the design, pricing, delivery and maintenance of network connectivity.

This award winning platform connects buyers and sellers in a real-time marketplace environment. One Marketplace delivers unprecedented transparency, efficiency and simplicity to the complex and highly fragmented data connectivity market by combining network delivery, service automation with a suite of customer and supplier applications in order to streamline and simplify the process of designing, pricing, buying, delivering and managing data connectivity solutions. Global Capacity’s One Marketplace dramatically simplifies and accelerates the delivery of network services, fundamentally changing how businesses buy connectivity.


Marketplace of Networks

One Marketplace is setting the standard for efficient connectivity qualification and operations. As demand for an efficient cost effective marketplace increases, Global Capacity is proving to be the partner of choice.

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One Marketplace Network

One Marketplace offers customers a competitive advantage by building leading interconGlobal Capacity Network Diagramnections with networks across a broad range of geographies. These strategic interconnections are established at high-demand central offices, data centers and switching locations where available capacity can be aggregated and connectivity to high-demand services can be provisioned cost-effectively.  Read More



One Marketplace Platform Delivers:

  • Ubiquitous network coverage to over 9.6 Million US locations
  • Competitive cost for network services - WAN, Ethernet, Private Line and Internet
  • Application Suite that simplifies the process of designing, quoting, and ordering services
  • Automated ordering and physical interconnects for faster time-to-service
  • Single MSA with uniform terms, conditions and SLAs with a consolidated bill for less complexity
  • Streamlined service delivery for best customer experience regardless of geography
  • Quote management and visibility into market rates and demand

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