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Internet Access Asymmetric Ethernet Services

Global Capacity Asymmetric Ethernet (AsyE) service is a business-class solution designed to provide stability for customers that require business-class service despite differing bandwidth needs. 

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Connect Marketplace

Simplifies The Design and Provsioning of Complex Data Networks

Connect Marketplace enables partners, carriers and enterprise customers to easily and cost-effectively design, and purchase network connectivity.  

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One Marketplace Overview

Simplifying the Way You Buy Network Connectivity

Global Capacity eliminates the complexity and inefficiency of the network market with its innovative, award winning, One Marketplace platform that combines an interconnected, aggregated data network with a cloud based application that automates the design, pricing, delivery and maintenance of network solutions.

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Corporate Overview

Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to enterprise customers, telecommunication carriers, managed service providers and application service providers globally.

Global Capacity is the leading connectivity as a service company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of data network services globally. Through its One Marketplace™, the company brings together customers and suppliers with an automated platform that provides ubiquitous network solutions that deliver on its brand promise of Connectivity Made Simple™.

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One Marketplace Cloud Connect

Secure, Direct Connectivity to Multiple Cloud Service Providers with Global Capacity’s One Marketplace

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Cloud Connect brings together cloud service providers and business users, enabling them to establish cost effective, private connections between cloud services and their headquarters, remote office and private datacenter locations.

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Wireless Backup Internet Service

Wireless Backup Internet service provides the diverse connectivity businesses need to run without interruption

By relying on Global Capacity’s Wireless Backup with managed failover service, you gain a resilient, continuous connection to access your data, support your applications, process your transactions, and serve your customers in the event your primary connection is ever interrupted. 

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Amazon Web Services

Reduce Network Costs, Increase Throughput and Deliver Consistent Network Performance

Global Capacity enables Amazon Web Service (AWS) customers to bypass the public Internet and procure secure Private Line and Ethernet connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and corporate data centers, offices or colocation facilities through its One Marketplace™ network.

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Local Area Transport Tariff Information System

LATTIS is the telecom industry’s leading database of global tariff rates. LATTIS allows users to accurately identify and quote access network solutions by providing access to regularly updated tariff rates and network element information. This valuable information is then used to more accurately price, quote, procure and provision local access network circuits…

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Wholesale Business ADSL

Business-Class ADSL Service

Small to medium businesses, distributed enterprises and consumers demand always-on, high-speed Internet access to support the growing need for bandwidth-intensive applications and services such as multimedia, video conferencing and VoIP.  

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Wholesale Asymmetric Ethernet (AsyE)

Business-Class Service and Reliability for Those Who Download More Than Upload

Asymmetric Ethernet (AsyE) is a business-class solution designed to provide stability for customers that require business-class service despite different bandwidth needs.

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Wholesale DS3

Increase Your Business Bandwidth With DS3 Service

More and more business customers are seeking high-capacity, high-bandwidth solutions for corporate data access, WAN connectivity and performance-intensive applications. Expand your solutions portfolio and increase revenue with reliable, nationwide Global Capacity DS3 service.

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Wholesale Ethernet over Copper (EoC)

Benefit from Cost-Effective, Reliable and High Bandwidth Access with EoC Service

With Global Capacity Ethernet over Copper (EoC) service, wholesale partners can offer an Ethernet solution with up to 100 Mbps of symmetric speed.

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Wholesale Ethernet over DS1 (EoDS1)

Ethernet Access Service Without Distance Limitations

Commonly used to transmit voice and data between devices, Ethernet over DS1 (EoDS1) provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses seeking consistent performance and value without the distance limitations of other technologies.

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Wholesale Ethernet over DS3 (EoDS3)

Gain Cost-Effective Access with Ethernet DS3 Service

With Ethernet over DS3 (EoDS3) service from Global Capacity, partners can offer up to 135 Mbps of symmetric bandwidth without distance limitations.

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Wholesale Ethernet 2.0 / 3.0

Nationwide Ethernet with Ethernet 2.0 and 3.0

Ethernet services are a cost-effective and reliable way to support voice, data and video convergence on one unified network. With Global Capacity Ethernet 2.0 / 3.0 services, partners can now offer an Ethernet solution with up to 3.0 Mbps of symmetrical speed that reaches businesses nationwide.

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Wholesale Gigabit Ethernet

Grow Efficiently with Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation Service

As your business grows, our Gigabit Ethernet aggregation services improve your operational efficiency and help to reduce carrier costs by giving your network a higher-bandwidth, scalable alternative to OC3s and DS3s.

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Wholesale IP Backhaul

Bypass Public Internet and Deliver a Superior End-User Experience

IP Backhaul aggregation services provide a scalable, high-speed connection to the Global Capacity private, nationwide IP network.  As a platform for delivering high availability and predictable quality services to end-users, our IP Backhaul solutions helps your business avoid the unpredictability of exposing critical services to the public Internet.

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Wholesale Layer 3 NNI

Support Nationwide Access with Global Capacity Layer 3 NNI Aggregation Service

Global Capacity offers Layer 3 NNI aggregation services for partners looking to integrate nationally available access services into their solutions versus reselling as a dedicated Internet access (DIA) service.

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Wholesale MPLS ICI

Integrate and Expand MPLS VPN Service Offerings with Nationwide MPLS ICI

Global Capacity’s MPLS ICI aggregation service provides a scalable, high bandwidth connection to our own private MPLS VPN network for partners to integrate and expand their reach to end-users across over 2,007 Central Offices (COs) nationwide.

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Network Management and Monitoring Services

Providing Management and 24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring of Data Transport Networks

Global Capacity’s Network Management and Monitoring Services (NMS) provide 24x7x365 monitoring and management of network infrastructure without the upfront capital required to build and maintain a Network Operations Center (NOC). 

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Engineering Services

Implementation and Installation Support for Customers Deploying Private Transport Networks

Global Capacity’s Engineering Services provide project-based engagements, working directly with decision-makers to design and install private networks that meet your company’s unique requirements.

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Broadband Internet Cable Broadband Services

Always On, High-Speed Internet Data Connection

Global Capacity's Cable Broadband solution is a business-class broadband connection that supports multiple users, websites, and enterprise applications. Our broadband services also include a variety of business productivity tools and enhanced features to empower your workforce and enhance security.

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Internet Access DS3 Services

Deliver Peak Broadband Speeds and Unsurpassed Reliability for Business

If your business needs high-bandwidth Internet solutions for corporate data access, WAN connectivity, and performance-intensive applications, a DS3 (T3) connection provides maximum performance and service availability backed by superior service level agreements and expert customer support teams.

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Managed Network Operations

Proactive, End-to-End Network and Equipment Monitoring and Management

Global Capacity’s Managed Network Operations services help customers achieve improved service levels, lower operational costs, and provide flexibility for future infrastructure decisions. Our solutions leverage dual Customer Network Operations Centers (CNOCs) and provide users with monitoring, management and technical services that are required to maintain a highly available network.

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Internet Access T1 Services

Extend Market Reach with T1 and Bonded T1 Service

Keep your business connected and your employees productive with T1 / Bonded T1 service designed specifically for business-critical performance. T1 / Bonded T1 service provides reliability, industry-leading service level agreements, and a range of speeds, allowing you to buy only the service you need.

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Google Cloud Platform

Private, Enterprise-Grade Connectivity to Google Cloud Platform Via One Marketplace™

Global Capacity enables businesses to take advantage of direct, enterprise-grade connections to the Google Cloud Platform via its One Marketplace network.

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Partner Portal

Fast and Easy Ordering, Tracking, and Managing of Business Services

Global Capacity’s Partner Portal streamlines the network delivery process from pricing to ordering, provisioning, billing, and ongoing network management. Agents are able to easily and quickly access the most cost-effective network solutions, and provide customers the most reliable and competitive rates while shortening time-to-market.

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Wholesale MPLS Virtual Private Network

Ubiquitous MPLS Virtual Private Network

The Global Capacity MPLS VPN solution connects multiple sites using scalable, reliable and intelligent connections.

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Connect Application

Complete Service Lifecycle Management from One Application

Global Capacity customers gain access to the full suite of One Marktplace applications, including Connect, our integrated design, pricing, ordering, service management and trouble-ticketing appliction to manage the full lifecycle of your services.

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Business Internet Ethernet Access

Deliver Cost-Effective, High-Speed, Business-Class Bandwidth for Maximum Flexibility

Global Capacity’s Business Internet services, delivered over Ethernet Access, provide customers with the flexibility and service quality to cost-effectively scale and support voice, data and video convergence. 

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Channel Partner Program

Simple and Ubiquitous Reach of Network Services For Your Customers

Partnering with Global Capacity simplifies the network delivery process from pricing to ordering, provisioning, billing and ongoing network management, shortening time-to-market. Agents can easily and quickly obtain the most cost-effective and efficient access network solutions globally, ensuring customers the most reliable and competitive rates.

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Broadband Internet DSL Services

Reliable, High-Performance Broadband Service Your Business Can Count On

DSL services provide download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and are delivered over a nationwide, redundant private network. DSL is an ideal broadband solution for small and medium-sized businesses, branch offices and remote workers that download large files or access the Internet extensively.